mireality /mir-ree-al-i-tee/ or /my-ree-al-i-tee/

noun: Maria Ingold’s reality — innovation comes from diversity of thought.

mireality combines strategy, innovation, visual technology, speaking, writing and creativity.

mireality builds successful solutions using six steps:

  • Where you are: Strategic, commercial, risk and technical audits.
  • Where you want to go: Market / product research, risk analysis and vision creation.
  • How to get there with RoI: Brief, business case, reporting and plan development.
  • Implement: Lead successful implementation across disparate stakeholders.
  • Operate: Profitably deploy new products and services while maintaining existing offerings.
  • Talk about it: Share case studies and receive feedback to factor in and repeat.

mireality works with clients who want better return on investment (ROI) on innovation.



Global speaker and thought leader — over 200 times, including "TEDx: Innovating the Impossible", keynotes, presentation, chairing, C-level interviews and panels on streaming (video on demand (VOD) / OTT), innovation and emerging tech.



Strategic and technical innovator / commercially-focused Chief Technology Officer (CTO) providing advisory services across telecoms and media, streaming, digital innovation, start-ups and private equity. Currently Global VP Solution Engineering for Synamedia.



Published and internal writer — high level or detail on strategy, technology and trends — in magazine and journal articles, white papers, positioning papers, proposals (RFQ, RFI, RFP) on streaming (VOD / OTT), smart home, IoT, wearables, AR / VR / MR and innovation.

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Maria Ingold

Strategic CTO | Speaker | Writer Creator
Innovation and Visual Technology

Maria Ingold heads mireality, originally a strategic and technical innovation consultancy. Since joining Synamedia as Global VP Solution Engineering, mireality is now a conduit for board advisory and her creative side. She brings extensive expertise in deploying successful emerging visual technology across film, TV, video, games and media.

As the former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Disney / Sony JV FilmFlex Movies, Maria created some of the most successful on-demand movie services in Europe from launch, including for Virgin Media cable and broadcaster Channel 4. FilmFlex was profitable from year one.

Maria is also a global public speaker, including TEDx talk “Innovating the Impossible”, a BAFTA film and TV judge, a Board Advisor for iSIZE who provide machine learning bitrate reduction for video, and on the Industrial Advisory Board for the University of Essex, School of Computer Science and Engineering.

Mixing a background in Computer Science and Fine Art, she started her career helping innovate the beginning of multimedia – audio, video and games – on computers.

Maria belongs to the rare breed of people who understand both technology and business, and to top it off she’s a joy to work with. Maria is insightful and detail-oriented, and she clearly cares about the projects she’s involved with.
Maria is that unique person who is extremely passionate about the projects she works on. The passion can be found not only in her deep knowledge of Digital Media but the respect of her peers in the industry. This is probably why she is consistently asked to speak at industry events each year.