mireality /mir-ree-al-i-tee/ or /my-ree-al-i-tee/

noun: Maria Ingold’s reality. Technology and creativity – the two sides of the brain.

mireality is a technical and strategic consultancy specialising in the secure delivery of premium film and television on demand and lateral innovation, including into emerging markets like South Africa.

Mireality works with clients who want to get a better return on their investment (ROI) by using the following methods:

  • Saving money through audits / change implementation of existing setups – from strategic to technical  – while increasing quality and flexibility
  • Driving a culture of innovation.  Not just vertical, but also lateral and through diversity – both of thought and people (including women in tech)
  • Developing opportunities from innovating across emerging technical markets including video, audio, Internet of Things (IoT), smart home and wearable tech
  • Thought leadership and positioning via technical and strategic communication resulting in brand building and increased credibility

So… innovation, delivery and evangelism.

Core values: integrity, honesty, passion and fun.

Maria Ingold

TechMarianical & Strategic Consultant | Interim CTO / CPO / CInO | Speaker | Writer
Digital Media: Video On Demand + Smart Home + IoT + Wearables + Sustainability

Voted one of the most influential people in UK New Television by VOD Professional and one of TechCityInsider’s top 100 people redefining digital business in London and beyond!

Mixing an unprecedented background in Computer Science and Fine Art, Maria has a 25-year track record delivering profitable solutions for film, TV, games and media.

She is a specialist in video-on-demand (VOD) and a thought leader in lateral innovation – combining audio and video with internet of things (IoT), smart home, wearables and sustainability. She advises start-ups, established players and government.

She has spoken and been interviewed globally around 80 times on technology, writes on technology, and is a film and TV judge for BAFTA.

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Watch her Keynote from the Video Infrastructure Summit explaining how she does it.

More on Maria

Maria wastrinity_sq100 born and raised in New Mexico, USA near where they drop-tested the atom bomb. At age 2, she drew her first face. At 7, in the basement of a military installation, she was first exposed to programming. So it wasn’t a complete surprise that at 17 (in 1986) she became the first person to study both Computer Science and Fine Art at her university. She is now a dual-national, living in London, UK.Virgin Media

Maria has created complete end-to-end VOD solutions for cable (Virgin Media) and broadband (Channel 4’s Film4oD), globally changed standards and thinking around premium pay VOD and OTT through the DECE / UltraViolet and the DTG consortiums and globally advises start-ups, established companies and government.

FilmFlexPrior to mireality, Maria was Head of Technology (CTO) for FilmFlex Movies, a joint venture by Sony and Disney and one of the most successful on-demand movie services in Europe. FilmFlex reaches about 3.8M homes with around 1M rentals per month and has been profitable since its first year.

Film4oDAt FilmFlex, Maria’s technical strategy and solution architecture resulted in significant cost savings and efficiencies and an infrastructure delivered at a fraction of the cost and resource of other major VOD services. This included technical content deals with the studios, encode/transcode/ingest, MAM and CMS, and secure delivery of content from over 30 suppliers (including all the studios) to multiple platforms. VOD film services included Virgin Media cable and broadband solutions for Virgin Media Online Movies and Film4oD. She also launched 3D films onto Virgin Media cable, enabling Virgin to beat BSkyB to the punch.

IBMMaria cut her teeth on the beginnings of PC-based multimedia at IBM, working on early sound editing and video encoding and playback software. She then moved into computer game technology, working first on a game development kit for IBM and then for Ocean Software (a.k.a. Atari) on a 3D shoot-em-up game. Pushing games technology into a new realm, Maria was the Technical Director for Andreas Whittam Smith’s company Notting Hill Electronic Publishers on sound-reactive visualisation software used for band world tours and nightclubs. At Razorfish, she worked on Interactive TV. She then moved into interactive 3D and video database-driven new media as Technical Director for Digital Arts. Just prior to joining FilmFlex, as the Head of IT and Development for OnMedica, Maria delivered on demand multimedia presentations to GPs on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry.

BAFTAMaria loves film. In 2002 Maria was headhunted to join BAFTA’s specialist Interactive Entertainment Committee. She is now a full voting member of BAFTA for both film and TV (including short films and animation). Maria also advises BAFTA’s Digital Strategy and Communications Committee. And Maria helped Virgin Media establish the technical structure for its Virgin Media Shorts short film competition.

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