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Maria is the published author of several technical articles (including two on the front page of Computer Weekly).  She makes technology easy to understand.  Maria writes for B2B and B2C magazines, journals and websites and provides strategic marketing positioning and internal technical documentation.

Services that Meet Your Needs

Maria provides independent, informed, expert writing that addresses your company’s or publisher’s needs. Here are some examples – with testimonials.

Need strategic positioning papers or clear articles on video technology or smart home around technology, strategy or trends?

Well-written technical articles assist with high-level strategy, low-level detailed understanding and lateral innovation. Maria has written a number of articles as well as spoken publicly and been interviewed on Video on Demand (VOD) / Over the Top (OTT), emerging video technologies, internet of things (IoT), smart home and wearable tech.

As someone with a technical background, who can also write and understands the art of telling stories, Maria presents technical detail in a clear, concise and useful way to a B2B or B2B or B2B2C end customer.

Sample article: Tech Innovation Leads the “Slow Demise of Traditional Broadcast”, Computer Weekly

Testimonials: BAFTA member, CSI Magazine

Need internal documentation, an RFP or a report that is readable by different audiences?

Maria’s technical and strategic background across verticals including commercial, marketing, technology, programme / product / project, design and ongoing delivery makes it easy for her to understand the multiple objectives for internal documentation, including white papers, RFQs, RFIs, RFPs, risk assessments, technical audits and business process reviews.

Testimonials: Tesco,  MultiChoice, another by MultiChoice

Need articles that help women enter into, stay in and advance in technology?

Maria has a degree in Computer Science (and Fine Art) and both writes and speaks on being a woman in technology and what she’s learned about advancing in the field.

Sample video / article: The Sleeping Butterfly Effect: On Being a Woman in Technology

Sample article: Women in Technology: Learning the rules of a boys’ game, Computer Weekly

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