The State of Video Streaming: Make Money, Save Money
Streaming Media Magazine: The State of Video Streaming: Make Money, Save Money

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Maria has been published in B2B and B2C magazines, journals, websites and blogs. She also writes white papers, positioning papers, technical and strategic due diligence, internal documentation and proposals (RFQ, RFI, RFP). 

Articles have included trends, predictions, innovation, streaming (VOD / OTT), sustainability, smart home, IoT, wearables, immersive reality (AR / VR / MR), and demystifying government innovation funding.

Blog Posts

Learnings from Lockdown: Sustainable Streaming

Learnings from Lockdown: Sustainable Streaming

Fifty years ago, back when my father built our cabin off-grid by hand, sustainability was called environmentalism and considered hippy, not hip. In that time global energy consumption has increased 173%, in an ever-upward trend – until COVID-19…

COVID-19 and Beyond: Opportunities for Video Streaming

COVID-19 and Beyond: Opportunities for Video Streaming

I grew up off-grid in a cabin in the New Mexico mountains. That was isolation. By contrast, isolation in the time of coronavirus is incredibly connected. While working, socialising and relaxing from home have impacted that connectivity, new patterns…

Maria Ingold - VR

Innovating Immersive Reality: Demystifying UK Government Funding

Given my background in successfully deploying emerging visual technology – from video to games to streaming – it’s not too much of a surprise that I’m now helping companies strategically innovate immersive reality…

TEDx: Innovating the Impossible

TEDx: Innovating the Impossible

Vertical innovation can advance sectors, but additional dimensions of innovation can make the impossible happen. Creating an innovation mindset means examining how we’re taught to think and how we structure industry. By changing how we expect kids to think we can encourage more…


Most recent articles are syndicated across mireality’s blog, Maria’s LinkedIn, Huffington Post and Medium.

Some articles weren’t syndicated, such as Streaming Media’s The State of Video Streaming: Make Money, Save Money, Tech Innovation Leads the “Slow Demise of Traditional Broadcast” on Computer Weekly or Wearable Tech: For a Smarter Way of Life in CEDIA Communicates.

Early articles only appeared in print publications, such as Superpoems in the Computers and the Humanities journal. A number of these are on IBM OS/2 Multimedia (MMPM/2), including an OS/2 Multimedia chapter on programming OS/2 multimedia, OS/2 2.1 Multimedia — From In-the-Box to Video In on the OS/2 Multimedia applications, and BRender – The Real-Time 3D Renderer on how to program 3D games under OS/2 Warp.

Access these articles and more in Publications. 

OS/2 Multimedia
IBM OS/2 Multimedia Chapter in "The Design of OS/2 2nd Edition"
Maria delivered our AGM keynote on wearable and connected technology, to a room of well informed industry experts and delivered one of the best and most informative keynotes we have had. Maria has also written a number of articles for our publications, and her work is always well informed, insightful and considered. I’d recommend Maria for both her public speaking and her writing abilities.
In return for entrusting Maria with our project, we received answers and direction that drew on resources and industry leads to which we had no access. Maria has a wealth of knowledge and industry connections that span the globe. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mireality Ltd (Maria) – Any work commissioned, will be authoritative, delivered on time, to budget and in a polished style. Thank you Maria.