mireality's Six Steps to Success

Operating globally at executive level, Maria uses six steps to deliver success and Return on Investment (ROI).

1. Where are you now?

Strategic, commercial, risk and technical audits and due diligence.

2. Where are you going?

Market / product research, risk analysis and vision creation.

3. How do we get there?

Brief, business case with RoI, reporting and plan development, RFQs / RFIs / RFPs.

4. Implement

Lead successful implementation across disparate stakeholders.

5. Operate​

Profitably deploy new products and services while maintaining existing offerings.

6. Talk about it

Build brand, share case studies and receive feedback to factor in and repeat.

Technical and Strategic Innovation

Maria brings an extensive track record deploying successful emerging visual technology, content monetisation and commercial and consumer experiences across technology, media and telecoms (TMT): film, TV, video, games, audio and media. She provides board-level expert TMT strategic and technical innovation consultancy, public speaking and writing. She is a specialist in emerging visual technology (VOD / OTT / VR) and innovation.

(Re)building a VOD or OTT service?

Maria has delivered end-to-end VOD and OTT services from both a SaaS supplier and retailer perspective for premium-level security content from all the major studios and large UK independents. She quickly understands unusual markets like South Africa or small islands.

Watch Maria’s Video Infrastructure Keynote for an overview. 

Testimonial Testimonials: See FilmFlex Movies and Channel 4

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Sample Services

As CTO for the Disney / Sony JV, FilmFlex Movies, Maria built a premium UK VOD film service, prior to many other services, and for under £1M — or less than 1% the cost of YouView. She saved the company £500K per annum and they were profitable from year one. Her high attention to detail as well as the big picture also ensured quality — as attested to in her testimonials.

Testimonial Testimonials: See MultiChoice and FilmFlex Movies

Maria has successfully negotiated contracts with Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Warner and NBC Universal. These contracts formed the basis for licence deals with all the other content providers.

Read Maria’s article on Content Security Essentials for Studio-Level Video on Demand.

Testimonial Testimonials: See Sony and Disney under Studios.

Maria runs independent audits, technical and strategic reviews and risk analysis on existing and proposed solutions for start-ups, SMEs, corporates and private equity.  She advises both independently and through specialist firms including providing technical due diligence for private equity via Intuitus, now owned by Endava. She advises on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and risks and makes recommendations, including for business investment proposals, hundred-day and one-year plans.

Testimonial Testimonial: See Tesco under Clients

Maria’s advisory includes the following:

  • iSIZE (start-up in Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning bitrate reduction for video)
  • Industrial Advisory Board for the University of Essex, School of Computer Science and Engineering
  • BAFTA’s Digital Strategy and Communications Committee. (Only member who is also a BAFTA Voting Member)
  • DTG / Ed Vaizey (MP) on the Future of Innovation in Television Technology (FITT) Taskforce
  • DTG. Modified D-Book 7 Part B to include requirements for premium VOD
  • DECE on global and retail implications of delivery
  • YouView on delivering a premium pay on-demand film service
  • St George’s (Winsor Castle)

Testimonial Testimonials: See Digital Television Group (DTG), Future of Television Technology (FITT) Taskforce, and DECE

Frequently Asked Questions

mireality typically works with start-ups, SMEs, and corporates who are looking to innovate, get a higher return on investment or receive specialist advice. mireality also provides technical and strategic due-diligence for private equity and industry. For government mireality has provided advisory and thought leadership. mireality is open to new opportunities, so reach out.

Pricing can range from hourly specialist consultancy, to fixed-cost projects, to time and materials, to salary for the right role. Contact mireality to discuss your requirements. 

Maria is a British / American dual-national, so she can work anywhere British or American passports allow. She has provided services across the UK, Europe, South Africa, MENA and small islands. Remote or on-site (after COVID-19) is possible with minimal notice, including locations in the UK which require a driving licence and car.

Board-level advisor, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Product Officer, Chief Strategy Officer or Managing Director. 

Maria is now Global VP Solution Engineering for Synamedia. She currently only provides board advisory and creative services through mireality.

Maria is a native English speaker and is conversational in Spanish. She also studied Japanese.

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VOD Professional

As mireality launched in 2012, Maria’s industry peers voted her the 26th most influential person in UK New Television on VOD Professional’s Top 50 list.

Tech City Insider

TechCityInsider added Maria to their 2014 TechCityInsider 100 (TCi100) list of people who are helping to redefine digital business in London and beyond.

In return for entrusting Maria with our project, we received answers and direction that drew on resources and industry leads to which we had no access. Maria has a wealth of knowledge and industry connections that span the globe. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mireality Ltd (Maria) – Any work commissioned, will be authoritative, delivered on time, to budget and in a polished style. Thank you Maria.
I worked with Maria on the launch of a new project for our various companies at the time. I found her to be most helpful in all of our dealings and clearly an expert in her field. During the time we worked together Maria’s knowledge and understanding of the shifting technical landscape in the field of content delivery to be vast. Maria is very adept at making such potentially confusing details to be easily understood to the layman.