TEDx: Innovating the Impossible
TEDx: Innovating the Impossible

Clear Accessible Expert Talks

Maria has spoken globally over 200 times including TEDx: Innovating the Impossible. She provides clear accessible expert talks on:

  • Innovation
  • Emerging Tech
  • Video Technology

Speaking Services

Maria provides a range of public speaking, such as IBC’s Tech Expert: Inside OTT, Streaming Media’s Infrastructure Summit Keynote and interviewing 70+ CXOs over 3 1/2 days at the NAB Show. Speaking services include:

  • Keynotes
  • Presentations
  • Panels
  • Chairing
  • Interviews
  • Compering
TEDx: Innovating the Impossible
IBC's Tech Expert: Inside OTT

Public Speaking Engagements Gallery

In my role at Informa, I have utilised Maria’s expert knowledge of the industry in a number of events I have organised. She has acted as an excellent moderator, panellist and thought leader giving valuable insights on the future of the industry. With her extensive experience in the industry she has always given thought provoking and interesting perspectives on the future of the ecosystem.
Maria delivered our AGM keynote on wearable and connected technology, to a room of well informed industry experts and delivered one of the best and most informative keynotes we have had. Maria has also written a number of articles for our publications, and her work is always well informed, insightful and considered. I’d recommend Maria for both her public speaking and her writing abilities.