OS/2 Multimedia Chapter

by Maria Ingold


X.1 Introduction
X.2 Audio
X.2.1 Analog Audio
X.2.2 Digital Audio
X.2.3 Audio Compression
X.2.4 MIDI
X.2.5 OS/2 Multimedia Audio Formats
X.3 Image
X.3.1 Vector Images
X.3.2 Raster Images
X.3.3 Storing Color Information
X.3.4 Image Compression
X.3.5 OS/2 Multimedia Image Formats
X.4 Video
X.4.1 Characteristics of Motion Video
X.4.2 Compressors and Decompressors
X.5 OS/2 Multimedia Architecture
X.5.1 OS/2 Multimedia Application and Overview
X.6 Media Control Interface
X.6.1 Communicating with the Media Control Interface
X.6.2 Media Control Drivers
X.6.3 Media Device Manager
X.6.4 Synchronization Usig the Media Control Interface
X.6.5 MCI Functions
X.7 Stream Programming Interface
X.7.1 Stream Handlers
X.7.2 Split Streaming
X.7.3 Stream Protocol Control Block
X.7.4 Synchronization and Streaming Manager
X.7.5 Null Stream Handler
X.8 Multimedia Input/Output
X.8.1 Storage System IOProcs
X.8.2 File Format IOProcs
X.8.3 CODEC Procedures
X.8.4 The AVI File Format
X.8.5 Translating File Formats
X.8.6 Unbuffered and Buffered I/O
X.8.7 MMIO Functions
X.9 Video Extensions
X.9.1 Accessing Video Memory
X.9.2 Direct Interface Video Extensions