Opportunities and Threats: Seven Q1 2017 Trends Changing Video

Seven Q1 2017 Trends Changing Video

The way in which people engage with visual content – film, TV and entertainment – has been changing for a while, with some trends becoming very pronounced.  If you’re in the Media and Telecoms sector, and not aware of these

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How My Top 3 Films This Year Help You Make the Impossible Possible


As a BAFTA judge I watch about 150 films a year. My top three this year truly inspire. They bring to life the thought processes I’ve discovered to be pivotal to invention, innovation, emotional intelligence and communication – the keys

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The Day My Dad Met Elon Musk

SpaceX VIP Parking Sign for Ingold

Q: What do you get a rocket scientist for Father’s Day? A: Another rocket scientist! On Invention The idea started, festered really, over several years. Every time I read an article about something created by some guy named Elon Musk.

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Top Innovations and Trends from IBC 2015

Dolby Vision HDR

Breaking away from just traditional broadcast and over the top (OTT) delivery, a number of key innovative topics stood out at IBC 2015. Drones This year’s IBC had a drone zone flight cage test area. If you’re going to use

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Wearable Technology and The Internet of Things (IoT)

Salt interview on wearable tech

As a thought leader in innovation, Maria shares her insights throughout the year into wearable technologies (IoT) strategy, technology and trends. Introduction and Immersion of Wearable Technology into Industries and Daily Life Maria shares with Salt her insights into the

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Father’s Day for Rocket Scientists – A Letter to Elon Musk

Dear Elon, With Father’s Day coming up I was thinking what to get one of the most brilliant men on the planet – a rocket scientist, builder of cars and creator of off-grid living. I thought it would be marvellous to

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Content Security Essentials for Studio-Level Video on Demand

Content Security

In advance of South Africa’s decision on Set Top Box (STB) Control (security or no security on STBs), I’ve prepared the following on studio security requirements. This has been reviewed by the head of content security for one of the

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The Sleeping Butterfly Effect: On Being a Woman in Technology

Computer Weekly Women in IT - Speaking

The Sleeping Butterfly Effect of Being a Woman in Technology The Sleeping Butterfly Effect is a series of personal development talks I do, including on being a woman in technology. The idea is that you are the Sleeping Beauty in

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The Sleeping Butterfly Effect: The Mind — Memory, Depression and Joy

Sleeping Butterfly Effect: The Mind - Memory, Depression, Joy

The Sleeping Butterfly Effect The Sleeping Butterfly Effect is my personal growth and transformation series.  The idea is that we are asleep to much that happens in our mind.  As we become aware of it, and begin to discover our

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Throwback Thursday: From 320×240 to 4K

Video resolution comparison

In a few weeks I’m speaking at Streaming Media’s Streaming Forum on the panel Is HD the Real End of the Line for Quality? In advance of the conference, I’ve been asked to share my thoughts on whether 4K will

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