MELS: Adapting to AI’s Potential

MELS: Adapting to AI’s Potential
Media & Entertainment Leaders Summit 2023

PANELLIST: Adapting to AI’s Potential

Informa Tech / OMDIA Media & Entertainment Leaders Summit

This session begins with a 5-10-minute Omdia analyst presentation by Eden Zoller and is immediately followed by the panel discussion described below. Other panellists include EBU, Papercup, and Big Light Productions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to transform M&E over the coming years, turbocharging the sector’s evolution and driving creative change, but also removing some job roles entirely. This panel features changemakers at the forefront of the field as they dive deep into AI’s potential and reveal its far-reaching impacts on M&E, while also tackling the myriad challenges that this tech transformation presents.

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