Projects Gallery


Summary: Film4oD powered by FilmFlex – white label OTT video on demand film service for Channel 4 to complement Film4 TV and 4oD (All4).
Technologies: .NET, JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, PlayReady
Description: Below is the historic gallery of what the site used to look like. Film4oD ceased in 2015.

Virgin Media Online Movies

Summary: Virgin Media Online Movies powered by FilmFlex – white label OTT video on demand movies service.
Technologies: .NET, JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, PlayReady
Description: Below is the historic gallery of what the site used to look like. Virgin Media Online Movies ceased in 2015.

Virgin Media cable – Virgin Movies (was FilmFlex Movies)

Summary: FilmFlex video on demand movie rental service on Virgin Media cable – to 3.8M homes.
Technologies: MPEG-2 files and metadata served on-demand from regional cable head ends across a QAM to a Set Top Box (STB).
Description: Historic gallery below. If you’re in the UK, sign up to Virgin Media cable to experience it for yourself..


Summary: Interactive on-demand multimedia pharmaceutical presentations and educational content portal for healthcare professionals. Also associated reports, CMS and personalised mailing system.
Technologies: Flash, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, MS SQL Server 2000, and Perl. Runs on Windows 2000 and Red Hat 9.
Description: Historic gallery below.


Summary: 3D maze game and separate GPS display housed in 4 specially designed player stations connected to a central server. Demonstrates benefits of using a GPS system versus a map.
Technologies: Visual C++, DirectX 8, Maya. Runs on Windows 2000.
Up to 4 players race to get to the centre of the maze first by either following the GPS or a relative position map.
Localized in both English and German and located at Volkswagen’s Autostadt theme park in Wolfsburg, Germany.
Description: The game experience. 

Swiss Re’s Ruschlikon Centre for Global Dialogue – Virtual Themeworld

Summary: The Virtual Themeworld promotes a 3D exploration and contemplation of global conference topics that affect the business of reinsurance. Consists of an online version, a stand-alone Command Room version, and a content management system.
Technologies: Visual C++, DirectX 8, Director 8.5, Maya. Runs online and on Windows 2000.
The online version incorporates a 3D navigation environment (using Director 8.5) and streaming audio and video topics.
The ‘Command Room’ provides an immersive experience using detailed 3D navigation (DirectX 8) and high-quality DVD topics.
Description: The gallery of the Virtual Themeworld is taken from the online version but looks similar to the Command Room.


Summary: An online magazine portal that provides articles and streaming audio and video relevant to urban London youth culture.
Technologies: Flash 5, PHP and JavaScript with a PostgreSQL database running on a Red Hat 6.2 Linux server. Streaming content provided using RealServer 8.
Description: Ammocity as it was.

Dancer DNA

Summary: 3D creatures constructed from a genetic description language (its DNA) that respond or dance to real-time music input. A stand-alone product used by both the home ‘genetic engineer’ and video jockey (VJ). Also used by us in nightclub visuals as a subliminal branding tool to reach the youth market. Won a DTI award. (If you find a demo on the web, get version 1.2 for a more optimised version with texturing and backgrounds.)
Technologies: Visual C++, DirectX 7a, Photoshop.
Description: Gallery of Dancer DNA in action.


Summary: Dreadnought is a 3D Victorian steam-punk shoot-em-up game set on the red planet of Mars.
Technologies: C, DirectX, Direct3D, Glide API, Alias (models, textures and FMV animation), 3D Studio MAX (models). Game written to run under DOS, and Windows9x using DirectX 5.
Description: Dreadnought made the cover of Edge (May, 1996), and neared completion, but was never released due to organisational restructuring when Infogrammes bought Ocean. (Infogrammes later rebranded as Atari.)