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COVID-19 and Beyond: Opportunities for Video Streaming


I grew up off-grid in a cabin in the New Mexico mountains. That was isolation. By contrast, isolation in the time of coronavirus is incredibly connected. While working, socialising and relaxing from home have impacted that connectivity, new patterns are

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Opportunities and Threats: Seven Q1 2017 Trends Changing Video

Seven Q1 2017 Trends Changing Video

The way in which people engage with visual content – film, TV and entertainment – has been changing for a while, with some trends becoming very pronounced.  If you’re in the Media and Telecoms sector, and not aware of these

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Content Security Essentials for Studio-Level Video on Demand

Content Security

In advance of South Africa’s decision on Set Top Box (STB) Control (security or no security on STBs), I’ve prepared the following on studio security requirements. This has been reviewed by the head of content security for one of the

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Being a BAFTA Judge

BAFTA 2014

I’m often asked how I got to be a BAFTA judge. The real answer is luck.  I was in the right place at the right time with the right expertise and talking to the right person. And I’m forever grateful

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Evangelists and Entrepreneurs

Evangelists and Entrepreneurs

Mortimer Spinks hosts its annual Evangelists and Entrepreneurs events to hear from some of the industry’s technology thought leaders.  Maria speaks on The Joy of Rights – an honest talk about the studio’s requirements for security on content and how

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Maria’s Keynote from the Video Infrastructure Summit

Video Infrastructure Keynote

Maria’s keynote: OTT Movie Distribution Infrastructure: The Challenges of Online Movie Delivery “The clearest explanation I’ve ever seen on video on demand infrastructure.” “Worth the price of the entire conference.” — As described by conference attendees Contact Maria to find

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From IBC 2010: The Secret of Getting Video on Demand Right First Time

IBC 2010

At IBC 2010, Maria presented a Technical Paper and a Presentation on The Secret of Getting Video on Demand Right First Time. This presentation described how to think through architecting a full VOD solution from acquisition to delivery. IBC no

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