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Innovating STEAM: Demystifying UK Government Funding

TEDx - Diversity of Thought

Following on from the fantastic feedback I’ve had from both government and industry on my article Innovating Immersive Reality: Demystifying UK Government Funding, I’m now demystifying government funding for STEAM innovation. I have a background in both Computer Science and

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Innovating Immersive Reality: Demystifying UK Government Funding

Maria Ingold - VR

Given my background in successfully deploying emerging visual technology – from video to games to streaming – it’s not too much of a surprise that I’m now helping companies strategically innovate immersive reality. Immersive reality is the term for a

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TEDx: Innovating the Impossible

TEDxChichester: Innovating the Impossible

Vertical innovation can advance sectors, but additional dimensions of innovation can make the impossible happen. Creating an innovation mindset means examining how we’re taught to think and how we structure industry. By changing how we expect kids to think we

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How My Top 3 Films This Year Help You Make the Impossible Possible


As a BAFTA judge I watch about 150 films a year. My top three this year truly inspire. They bring to life the thought processes I’ve discovered to be pivotal to invention, innovation, emotional intelligence and communication – the keys

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