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Film4oD home top


Film4oD powered by FilmFlex – white label OTT video on demand film service for Channel 4 to complement their Film4 TV channel and 4oD (All4) OTT offering.

  • Technologies: .NET, JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, PlayReady

Click image to view historic gallery of what the site used to look like. Film4oD ceased in 2015.

Virgin Media Online Movies - home page

Virgin Media Online Movies

Virgin Media Online Movies powered by FilmFlex – white label OTT video on demand movies service.

  • Technologies: .NET, JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, PlayReady

Click image to view historic gallery. Try Virgin Media Online Movies out for yourself. Sign up restricted to UK.

Virgin Movies - Film page

Virgin Media cable – Virgin Movies (was FilmFlex Movies)

FilmFlex video on demand movie rental service on Virgin Media cable – to 3.8M homes.

  • Technologies: MPEG-2 files and metadata served on-demand from regional cable head ends across a QAM to a Set Top Box (STB).

Click image to view historic gallery. To experience it for yourself sign up to Virgin Media cable if you’re based in the UK.

OnMedica - Medicines Interactive on-demand


Interactive on-demand multimedia pharmaceutical presentations and educational content portal for healthcare professionals. Also associated reports, CMS and personalised mailing system.

  • Technologies: Flash, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, MS SQL Server 2000, and Perl. Runs on Windows 2000 and Red Hat 9.

Click image to view historic gallery.

Autostadt - Navigation stations


3D maze game and separate GPS display housed in 4 specially designed player stations connected to a central server. Demonstrates benefits of using a GPS system versus a map.

  • Technologies: Visual C++, DirectX 8, Maya. Runs on Windows 2000.
  • Up to 4 players race to get to the centre of the maze first by either following the GPS or a relative position map.
  • Localized in both English and German and located at Volkswagen’s Autostadt theme park in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Click the image to see the game experience. To find out more about Autostadt go to

Swiss Re Virtual Themeworld

Swiss Re’s Ruschlikon Centre for Global Dialogue – Virtual Themeworld

The Virtual Themeworld promotes a 3D exploration and contemplation of global conference topics that affect the business of reinsurance.
Consists of an online version, a stand-alone Command Room version, and a content management system.

  • Technologies: Visual C++, DirectX 8, Director 8.5, Maya. Runs online and on Windows 2000.
  • The online version incorporates a 3D navigation environment (using Director 8.5) and streaming audio and video topics.
  • The ‘Command Room’ provides an immersive experience using detailed 3D navigation (DirectX 8) and high-quality DVD topics. used to demonstrate the online Virtual Themeworld. Click the image to view what it looked like. The gallery is taken from the online version but looks similar to the Command Room.

Ammocity - Main page


An online magazine portal that provides articles and streaming audio and video relevant to urban London youth culture.

  • Technologies: Flash 5, PHP and JavaScript with a PostgreSQL database running on a Red Hat 6.2 Linux server.
  • Streaming content provided using RealServer 8.

To see Ammocity as it was, click the image.

Dancer DNA - CD Cover

Dancer DNA

3D creatures constructed from a genetic description language (its DNA) that respond or dance to real-time music input.

  • Technologies: Visual C++, DirectX 7a, Install Shield, Photoshop
  • A stand-alone product used by both the home ‘genetic engineer’ and VJ.
  • Also used by us in nightclub visuals as a subliminal branding tool to reach the youth market.

Click image to view gallery of Dancer DNA in action.  Search the web for demo copies of the program. Get version 1.2 to get a more optimised version with texturing and backgrounds.

Dreadnought - Edge


Dreadnought is a 3D Victorian steam-punk shoot-em-up game set on the red planet of Mars.

  • Technologies: C, DirectX, Direct3D, Glide API, Alias (models, textures and FMV animation), 3D Studio MAX (models). Game written to run under DOS, and Windows9x using DirectX 5.

Dreadnought made the cover of Edge (May, 1996), and neared completion, but was never released due to organisational restructuring when Infogrammes bought Ocean.