CSI’s Multimedia Home Gateways Summit — London, UK — 13 June, 2013

June 13, 2013 @ 12:00 – 13:00
BFI Southbank
London SE1 8XT
CSI Magazine
CSI's Multimedia Home Gateways Summit — London, UK — 13 June, 2013 @ BFI Southbank | London | United Kingdom

PANEL: Companion Devices & Multiscreen

  • One of the hottest topics around at the moment, not a day goes by without news and studies being released reporting on the growing phenomenon of second screen activity. With smartphone and tablet ownership on the rise, most of this activity is centered inside the living room, with an estimated 75% of UK users for example using their connected devices while watching TV.
  • What are the implications of this behaviour on STBs and what role can the gateway play to enhance this experience?
  • Liberty’s Horizon app for iPad and iPhones allows access to 80 streaming channels, as well as the on-demand offer on tablets and smartphones, and UPC will also release the Horizon Remote control app, which makes it possible to use an iPhone as remote control with the gateway. But these are just the first steps.
  • In what ways can gateways interact in terms of dual screening, synchronous activity and companion apps?
  • Are they a threat or opportunity for gateway style services?