Inspired by a real passion for reading and with the help of some excellent creative writing courses and teachers, Maria honed her writing skills and further developed them writing about technology. Maria is also inspired by two famous writers in her family. She is the second cousin of Jack Vance and the grand-niece of William Shirer.

She has written the first book in a prose-based illustrated novella trilogy, Senseless.  She is currently submitting it to literary agents and publishers. Senseless would be suitable for film.

Her fellow writing students at City University described it as a “modern gothic fairy tale” and Katy Darby, her writing teacher and author of The Whores’ Asylum, described Senseless as “overall, pretty damn good”.

Publishing Director, Gillian Redfearn of Gollancz (Orion) said, “It’s smart and beautifully constructed, and I liked your writing style very much. Although (as you noted in our submission guidelines) Gollancz doesn’t publish novellas, I was very pleased I found the time to read Senseless and I think your plan to write a trio of linked novellas will produce lovely results.”

Writer Gard Goldsmith has said, “I LOVE it! It’s beautifully written, and you’ve composed the structure in an utterly intriguing way” and “It’s great. The mixture of external forces and internal mental issues for Iris is fascinating, and since you’ve layered things temporally, it’s very intriguing”.

Senseless is about a young woman whose unconscious mind decides to manipulate her through a series of dreams.  Each dream, based on the legends of Highgate, London and parts of her life, appears to both give and take something away.  In style it is similar to a Neil Gaiman story illustrated by Charlie Vess or Dave McKean.

Both multi award-winning book artist Vincent Chong and multi-nominated and award-winning artist Ben Baldwin have offered to illustrate the work (pending a publishing deal) with a series of hauntingly beautiful and eerie pieces.

She has started the second novella. The trilogy could be republished together as a novel to create additional revenue and interest.  If successful, those three could form a genesis for an ongoing series, potentially in comic-book form and with film and television rights.

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